1/2-20 UNF Airgun Suppressor

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Caliber .177

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Airgun Capital's 1/2-20 UNF Suppressor for Up to .30 Caliber Airguns

Compatible Calibers:

  • .177, .22, .25, .30

Key Features:

  • Sound Reduction: Significantly decreases noise levels.
  • Easy Installation: Simply screws onto the barrel.
  • Material: Made from durable 6061 T6 Aluminum.

Enhanced Design:

  • Baffles: Features laser engraved baffles for improved efficiency.
  • Accesibility: Includes a removable cap for easy disassembly and cleaning.


  • 5x T-6061 Aluminum Baffles
  • 1x Aluminum Outer Shell
  • 1x Aluminum Cap

Suppressor Dimensions:

  • (.177, .22, .25):
    • Length: 145 mm
    • Diameter: 28.25 mm
  • .30 Caliber:
    • Length: 146 mm
    • Diameter: 35 mm

Additional Information:

  • Proudly designed and manufactured by a family-owned business in Miami, FL.
  • Note: Airgun not included.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jim Sizemore
Perfect Fit for my Air Rifle

Thread is correct for my barrel/ shroud adapter. The perfect fit is the adapter strips air in the shroud and the 1/2-20 alloy suppressor takes care of the rest. The loudest sound is the hammer hitting the poppet valve and the air rushing into the plenum from the tank in my AV AvengeX in 22 cal @ 1750 psi regulator setting. Groups dropped by an eighth @ 30 yards too.

Mark Miller
Great suppressor

This is my second suppressor and a very good one for 85 dollars!

Glenn Coody
Awesome Little Suppressor

This was installed on my Hatsan Neutron Star (H-NS) air rifle in .22 caliber. Though I don't have the tools to measure sound pressure, I can definitively say it SIGNIFICANTLY reduced the loud report of the unsuppressed H-NS to the extent no earpro was necessary outdoors. Not unsurprisingly, there was no shift in point-of-impact after adding the suppressor!
I discovered upon first threading the suppressor onto the H-NS muzzle there was a 0.208" (5.31mm) unsightly gap remaining when the suppressor "bottomed out". A thick gold-colored flat washer sandwiched between two black rubber washers - all of applicable size (0.248"/6.30mm total) - complemented both the functionality and aesthetics of the setup.
This is a quality, well-constructed, user-serviceable device which serves its intended purpose masterfully! I highly recommend this suppressor and the Airgun Capital business. The folks are friendly, professional, and ready to help in whatever way necessary. Their website is an added bonus as it accurately reflects current in-stock inventory and provides an easy checkout experience.
Great job, Airgun Capital!

Richard Keyes

Very professional service and fast delivery the product works as advertised couldn't ask for more

T Snowden
Quick service

My order was delivered in a timely manner and works great!