This Year's Most Valuable Airgun Accessories- With a Dedicated Section on Scopes!

This Year's Most Valuable Airgun Accessories- With a Dedicated Section on Scopes!

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You've just acquired the air gun you've always wanted. Now what? Shoot? Yes! But there's more to it. When you have a high-quality air gun, you'll be more motivated to practice and improve your shooting technique. To get the most out of your air rifle, you'll want a comprehensive set of attachments. There are countless add-ons to choose from, so a list of essential airgun accessories has been assembled for your convenience:

Front Sights & Rear Sights

Used to increase your accuracy by giving you greater concentration on the target.


Shooters who like to hunt at night may benefit from the use of binoculars. High-powered infrared illuminators can be used to locate prey.


Allow you to quickly and easily identify your targets, even in low light conditions. An ideal balance of illumination and operator safety has been achieved with this luminaire.


A case is a container used to transport an air rifle. It is typically composed of a thick wall structure and padded with high density foam.

Bases and rails for Weaver and Picatinny

These helps protect scopes, lasers, and other add-ons from falling off your gun while you're firing. Make sure you get reliable airgun accessories from a reputable shop like Airgun Capital to avoid re-buys.

Conversion accessories

Set of adapters for rifles and pistols to be converted from one body type to another, referred to as conversion accessories.


Noise suppressors, commonly called silencers, for air guns can minimize the impact of firing a bullet through the gun and have even been reported to reduce the gun's recoil. Airgun Capital has the lowest priced suppressors on the market. 

Safety glasses

Protects the eyes from ricocheting BBs and pellets. Anti-fog and UV protection are additional features that you can find in most airgun shops near Florida.

Hearing protection

In order to protect the ears from damaging noise, hearing protection devices reduce the volume over a predetermined decibel threshold. Additionally, it enhances low-frequency sounds so that the hunter and his comrades may communicate easily.

Metal traps

Air pistol pellets are stopped and held in place by metal traps made of heavy-gauge sheet steel.

Paper targets

Paper targets for target shooting practice are marked with rings and a bull's eye in the middle.

airgun scope


Air rifle scopes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The sight is often attached to the top of your air rifle. The scope's glass enlarges the target so you can see it from a distance and make an accurate shot at it. Airgun rifle scopes may be roughly divided into two types: fixed and variable. For fixed scopes, the magnification is locked in and cannot be altered in any manner. These are best suited for short-range tasks like as plinking since they are often set to a lower magnification. With variable scopes, magnification may be adjusted from as low as 3x to as high as 12x, in contrast to fixed scopes.

In addition, the reticle type is an option for both fixed and variable scopes. When you look through the scope, the reticle is what you see. All of the reticle types are meant to show you where the object of your attention is. Ideally, the center should be aligned with the location you're aiming for.

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